Memorial Day 2016

We had such a FUN memorial day this year!  I was sad we didn't get to decorate graves but we did get to go to Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs) for the morning which made up for it.  We went to the Disney store and spoiled Myra with a stuffed Dumbo that she has been wanting for about a year and also got her some princess undies to make her want to potty train haha.  (more on that later). We then ate and Earl of Sandwich (AMAZING BTW) and then hurried home to feed Max and put them down for naps.  

After naps we had a fun picnic outside together with corn on the cob, hot dogs and the most amazing watermelon I have ever consumed.  I have not been able to stop eating it since and douse it in lime juice.  After we finished eating I just laid down on the blanket for a minute basking in the happiness I was feeling for the day and said a little silent prayer to Heavenly Father thanking him.  I felt like I had so much gratitude in my heart that day.  

Then we headed to the pool and all of us swam together.  It was the perfect ending to the day.  

I love Memorial Day and the chance that we have to celebrate those that have passed before us.  I am SO grateful for my ancestors and for Jordan's ancestors.  I can't wait to someday meet them and tell them THANKYOU!