Max's Blessing Day

On Mothers day we got to bless Max while we were in Utah.  Jordan had just finished studying and taking his first board exam (Step 1) and was only able to fly out for three days, but we had so much fun together while he came out.  He gave Max a sweet blessing while we were surrounded by our family.  Before the blessing itself we sang "Families Can be Together Forever" and I got so emotional singing it with everyone I love in one room together knowing I get to be with them all for Eternity.  

Little Max has blessed my life so much in just three months!  I am so grateful for him coming right when I needed him most.  He may be a bit fussy (ahem... picture above), but when he smiles my heart feels as though it may burst, and when I am filled with anxiety all I have to do is hold him close to me and I feel so much better.  He is heaven in our home.