Epcot Adventures

Disney family dates are my absolute favorite.  It's never quite as magical if Jordan isn't there so I just SOAK IT UP when he comes with us.  When we went it was still the Flower and Garden Festival so they had the butterfly room set up.  Myra was in HEAVEN.  There were butterflies flying around everywhere and she just kept chasing them around.  We weren't there for very long so we just went around the world showcase and ate a delicious cronut.  (If you are ever in Florida go to Epcot and grab one, they are just off to the right as you enter world showcase.  They are TO DIE FOR!!!)  We also went on Figment and saw Snow White.  We were headed out of the park and trying to be quick because Max was starving... Well of course when we are in a hurry we see SNOW WHITE and Myra FREAKED when we didn't stop in the huge line to see her.  I decided to have Jordan wait in line with her while I nursed Max at a nearby picnic table.  While I was pregnant with Max I had a lot of anxiety about breastfeeding him while we were at Disney ( first world problems, I know! ;)) but I am so grateful he has ended up such a great eater.  I can pretty descreetly feed him wherever which I never could do with Myra. Myra would take about forty minutes to eat- I was all over the place and milk was always just spraying everywhere.  Max is usually on and done after about five minutes and just eats one side... This makes it surprising that he is so large, I know.  haha  It ended up perfect timing and I got up to Myra and Jordan just as they were walking up to greet Snow White.  Myra get terribly star struck whenever she sees a character and just stared at her... she won't crack a smile or say anything, just stares.  It is quite hilarious.  

I am so grateful I get to make these memories.  I love these people and this place so much.