Cocoa Beach

This last year I was such a bum about living in Florida.  I got in the weirdest funk while pregnant and just stopped seeing all the good things about Florida... Well the past few weeks I have been falling in love with this place all over again and it makes me so happy.  Even as I sit here typing we are having a HUGE rainstorm with thunder and lighting and I just love it so dang much.  These rainstorms become a daily thing in the summer and it is the best.  

Anyways... we have a beach just one hour away and we have only taken advantage of it TWICE in the two years we have been here.  This past time we went on Saturday was SO DANG FUN that we will definitely be returning many more times and enjoying it while we can.  
That gap between her teeth... it just kills me.  Ill be so sad someday when it is gone! 

This boy.  Gosh, I just love him so much.
Right before we left- being a diva in my hat!