Early this morning we went blueberry picking for the first time this season!  It was so fun to watch Myra as she held the bucket on her own and picked every blueberry she could see.  I had to teach her to only pick the blue ones and after that she wouldn't walk past ONE blue blueberry without picking it...she got a little OCD about it...hahaha  It was a big change from last year when she was just running around and eating berries off the ground.   

We will definitely have to go back again before they close for the season!  Myra threw a nice little tantrum for me when I made her leave.  Next time we can hopefully get our crazy busy daddy to come along so that I can have the arms to bring my real camera and snap some better pictures.  

I love this adventure we are having in Florida... I will definitely miss the blueberries when we leave someday!