Im Half a Hoarder at Heart


There is something about antiques and heirlooms that tug at my heart strings.  Perhaps its the history and sentiment of it and maybe even a little bit that I love the way they look- BUT when its an antique that once belonged to someone I love I suddenly become extremely attached to it. 

In September, while in Utah, I decided to have Myra try on some old dresses that belonged to my mom when she was little... She ran around the backyard in them sniffing flowers and giggling and I could picture my mom as a young child with her bright blonde hair, infectious smile and curiosity toddling around in those outfits as well.

I hope that I pass my crazy sentimental heart along to at least one of my children... Not enough to be a hoarder, but just enough that they will keep, cherish, and pass to their children the things that made my heart sing in life.