For my birthday we went to Magic Kingdom.  Jordan did such an awesome job making sure it was a wonderful birthday for me, and that meant so much.  
Myra has been a bit obsessed with Pooh bear lately, so we bought her this little dude while we were there and she hasn't been able to sleep with out him since.
Later that month we also headed over to Hollywood studios to check out the Osborn family lights.  It was the last year they were going to have them so we wanted to be sure we got to enjoy the spectacular show.  It was AMAZING and Myra LOVED was in awe. 
Then we headed to Utah....
I didn't get a lot of pictures while I was there because most of the time I was in bed SO SICK!  
But other than all of us getting so ill, we had a wonderful Christmas.
Jordan made a gingerbread house with Myra...
and all she wanted to do was eat the frosting. :)
They also went sledding.. but after sledding down the hill a few times she saw a playground and ran for the slide.  :)