Thanksgiving this year was a lot of fun.  We were able to drive up to North Carolina for a few days to celebrate the holiday with Jordan's sister and her adorable family.  

I fell in love with the area and all that came with it... The color (Florida is all ONE shade of green, ALWAYS), the adorable homes, and even the churches on every corner.  I think Myra also fell in love because the weather was perfect and she would whine every time I tried to get her to come inside. 

The night before thanksgiving, Jordan, Lizzy and I listened to Christmas music while we cooked our little hearts away.  I couldn't help but feel grateful at that moment for the husband that I married.  He helped slave away on the food with a giant smile on his face- not because he felt he needed to but because being with those he loves and helping those he loves makes him happier than ANYTHING.   And I admire him so much for that. 

Thanksgiving morning I got to go and see Jordan run a race!  That boy can do anything he puts his mind to... even if he doesn't train for it!  Once his race was over we got to watch Myra in her very first race.  She started off just looking around wondering what was going on, just moseying forward.  Once she saw me at the finish line she booked it right to my arms.  I think that was one of my happiest moments as a mom because although she finished practically last my heart was full of joy for her and I was SO proud of her just for doing it.