Memorial Day: Part 1

We were so lucky to be able to be in Utah for memorial day!  That morning we went to some family graves in Salt Lake with some of Jordan's family.  This is something Jordan and I love to do.  Most of my family graves are a bit farther away so we don't get there every year, but being there and hearing stories about these past family members fills me with pride and humility all at the same time.  Pride that these people who were so amazing are my relatives and humility as I think about how desperately I need to try harder to leave such wonderful legacies like them.  
^^^When Jordan and I were dating his uncle passed away.  While at the grave side I looked to my side and saw this bench.  It said "Kern" (my maiden name), and "Mabey" just kitty corner from each other.  We laughed, thought it was bizarre and telling of the future! :) We still laugh every time we see this bench. ^^^
^^^Myra sitting next to Jordan's grandma's grave, the woman she was named after.  Myra disliked her name and went by "Peggy" so I imagine she's rolling in her grave over the fact that we used her name for our baby girl :) Personally, I much prefer "Myra".^^^
^^^Myra with her cousin Amelia.  Everyone comments how much they look like sisters.  And these two  ADORE each other!^^^
I hope you guys had a wonderful memorial day!  I am so grateful for those who have passed before me.