Easter 2015

For my moms spring break Myra and I were able to fly out to Utah and spend some time with family... which happened to be right in time for Easter and Conference.  It was such a wonderful ten days filled with love.

The day before Easter we headed up to Salt Lake and had an Easter egg hunt with the Mabey family.  Myra sat on the grass and chewed on a plastic egg most of the time while everyone else fought for all the eggs.

Sunday in between sessions I took her out to gather up some eggs and give her the Easter basket I got her.  I thought she would be excited...but she really didn't even care about anything in it... just once again wanted to chew on those eggs.  I laughed at myself realizing it was more for me than her.

For dinner my Grandpa and Grandma came over for dinner and spent some time with us.  I am so grateful that they are around to see and interact with Myra.  I just have so much love in my heart for those two.

I am so grateful for Christ and the Atonement.  We have numerous blessings because of His sacrifice and I literally tear up when I think about it.  Someday Ill get to hug Him and say, "Thank you".  But for now, a prayer will have to suffice.

The rest of the trip was spent hanging out with my mom and sewing, meeting my two new nieces and eating good food.

It was such a perfect visit, but it is so very good to be back home snuggling my man at night!