In the Land of Fairies...and Frozen

Myra has been so sick lately..Fever, stomach flu, AND a nasty cold.  Frozen has been our saving grace the past few days and was the only thing that could get her to stop crying at night for a few nights in a row.  I felt so terribly sad for her when Jordan called me saturday night while I was babysitting for a friend and told me that she was throwing up EVERYWHERE and was completely inconsolable.  I could hear her in the background crying and I wanted to reach through the phone, pick her up and tell her "momma's here".  But I couldn't, so i told him to rock her and let her watch Frozen on the iPad for awhile and then put her down... thank goodness that it worked.  

Today she finally had enough energy to go outside and play.  She LOVES her fairy wings so i put them on to cheer her up as I put her our in the sunshine.  She immediately lit up out there, instantly found a squirrel and then continued to chase it around for nearly ten minutes.  It was joyous and much needed.  

Feeling grateful for Disney, sunshine, Jordan, and my girl's smooshy cheeks that I can kiss whenever my heart desires.