It's Friday!!!

I am so excited it is the weekend.

That means more time Jord and me getting to sleep in tomorrow!
Saturdays are wonderful because he gets up with Myra and lets me sleep in while he plays with her...Which after lots of early mornings, lots of Myra pointing at books and begging to read the same ones over and over again ALL DAY LONG and having a toddler attached to my hip, that extra few hours does wonders for my body and mind.  He is the best.

I can't wait to cuddle up in bed tonight with him, eat popcorn and binge watch a TV series late into the night.

I remember when we were dating doing that. But we had to be on a couch and eventually I had to be walked down to my car and drive away from him for the rest of the night.  That was the worst!  Now we can do whatever we want, including making out laying down with out feeling guilty about it. Boo yeah!

Myra and I went and hung out on the porch for awhile before her second nap today.  She loves it outside.  It gives us both a good recharge.  So we colored away our feelings with sidewalk chalk... and then she started eating it, so we stopped and went inside for a morning bath to wash it all off.

That face of hers, it sure makes all the troubles welling up inside of me disappear.

I hope you all have a wonderful friday. :)