Orange Groves

This past weekend our friends called us up to head to Kissimmee to pick some oranges.  We pulled up to the grove and my excitement went through the roof.  We first walked through a fruit stand and into a small building that had jams, jellys, honey sticks, BBQ sauce, salsa and so much more.  We then walked through the back and outside to a play area, pond (with an alligator on the other end), fun truck and wagons for the fruit.

Myra went down the slide with me for the first time.

It took a bit of effort to get to the good oranges.  But it was worth it.  They were DELISH!!! 

After about two minutes of picking my CAMERA DIED!  I was SO sad....

So I had to turn to my phone.
So here are the classy iPhone photos..

We tried some GATOR chili... Yes, I ate it.  And it was yummmmmy.

Myra giving lots of lovies to dada.

We had so much fun!  I said to Jordan while we were there that we had to go back.  I think he got sick of me saying it cause I said it about twenty times.  The area of Orlando we live in doesn't feel very southern so I get super excited when we find little gems like this place that remind me we are in the south.