After a long day at the Orange groves jord and I rushed to get ready for med school prom.  I was so sad cause we missed the sun light to take good pictures by about ten minutes.  But we had so much fun at the dance.  Dressing up and having a night out together was so refreshing.  He opened doors for me, payed me compliments, held my hand, danced with me and made me feel 16 all over again.  Marriages need nights like that to remind them about the love they share.  He is the sweetest man in the world and I am the luckiest to call him mine. 

I remember years ago having a dream that I walked into a store that would let you purchase your future.  They had little model homes, men that were ken dolls and certificates that told you what your life would entail.  I remember picking out a house but could not choose a man.  I soon woke up from the dream and just laughed at it.  But the funny thing is, I never could have picked out a better man for me than Jordan.  I am so grateful my mom picked this man out for me. 

Our lives are not perfect.  Very far from it.  We have trials and terrible days and times when my inner teenage girl comes out and I give him a good eye roll.  BUT, we are kindred spirits and like it says in Les Miserables, "Rain will make the flowers grow" and we try our very best to live by this.  

I love you Jordan Edward Mabey.  Thank you for being you!