An Evening at the Lake

This weekend we ventured out to the opening of a new lakefront in Kissimmee.  For years they have been planning and building a beautiful place for people to walk by the lake.  They now have there a restaurant, small light house, docks, playground, splash pad and so much more.  So the community gathered together to celebrate with food and music. 

 It was so fun to see how excited and happy that water made Myra.  All she wanted to do was just stand on her own near the edge of the water and just take it in.  She kept laughing and smiling as she felt the wind and watched the small waves.  The simplest things make her happy and it makes me view life so differently.  This lake made her happier than she has ever been at Disney... Im sure that will be different in a year or so, but for now... the happiness she gets that comes from Gods natural beauty is refreshing.  

After enjoying the sunset over the lake we then headed with our friends to the food truck round up as we listened to live bands play in celebration of this new lakefront.  

Myra also got on a swing for her first time...and she was petrified the whole time to say the least.  Her body shaking with her big eyes looking at me in fear made me want to scoop her up and kiss her squishy cheeks a billion time and to tell her "it's ok, momma's here!"  So I did.  And her swinging lasted about thirty seconds. We will try that swinging thing again soon. ;)

My heart was filled with so much happiness as I stood looking out at the water with Jordan and Myra that night.  What more could you want in life?  A family by your side enjoying a beautiful weekend.?  God was definitely showing me that he loved me.

I am grateful for communities that create ways for people to gather together and to celebrate.  celebrate life. celebrate beauty. celebrate happiness.