9 months.

Myra turned 9 months on the 5th!!!  I can’t even believe that she has been with us for as long as she was in my belly.  

I kept trying to write a post for her for turning 9 months but my birthday was that day and things were crazy. Jordan also finally finished a test that day that he had been studying mad for…. So I have been busy since then trying to enjoy my time with him before we go to Utah tomorrow.  There has been lots of walking around theme parks and cuddling going on around here! :)  

 It’s past one AM and I spent over an hour trying to fall asleep but my insomnia has me wide awake.  I finally decided to slip out of bed and get some “me” time in so I can get my post in after our crazy weekend!!! YAY for blog time!!!! 

What our little 9 month girl has been up to:

-Oodles of pulling herself up to standing
-SO much falling and SOOOO many bruises.
-Smiles, laughs, gut chuckles, and cries.
-Loving the Christmas classic movies.
-Refuses to let me cuddle her.
-Lots of crawling 
-LOVES to “dance” when there is music on or Jordan gives her a beat by clapping.  She stands (while holding on to something) and bounces up and down.  Or sits and thrusts the best she can while sitting :))
-Obsessed with the Christmas tree.
-Gives big, fat, slobbery kisses. 
-Fascinated with my eyelashes and likes to pull on them.
-Pulls on her hair or ears when frustrated.
-Gets a red, blotchy forehead when she is ticked and screaming.
-Charms the heck out of everyone when we are out and about with her big blue eyes, contagious dimpled smile and squishy cheeks.