The Smorgasbord of our trip to Utah.

Myra with her beautiful aunt Odma! 

Grass in Florida is no bueno, so we took full advantage of the beautiful Autumn days and grass while there.  Everyday we went and sat on the front lawn and played! 

My  brother is so adorable with kids!  He lives in my parents basement and one day while there my mom was at work and Brady came running up the stairs to see my mom.  He kept yelling for her in this loving voice, "Momma? Mommy?"  hoping she was home and waiting for a response.  Once to the top of the stairs he saw me and I said, "Mom's not here."  His smile dropped.  He then had a new thought, looked at me and asked, "Is the baby awake?"  "YEP"  I said.  That made the biggest smile on his face appear, so excited to play with her!  

Myra LOVED seeing her little cousin, Zoe.  Zoe is a few months younger and is still fragile, but Myra did not seem to care.  She climbed on her, put her hands in her face and laughed many times!  

My mom is so wonderful with babes!  I don't know what i would do without her.  Myra adores her, and loved spending time with her.

Isn't Zoe just the most beautiful little babe ever?  I'm a lucky Auntie :)

It was such a relaxing and fun trip for us.  I was starting to get really trunky for Utah in the fall, so being able to visit right before the cold swept in was such a blessing.  The many pumpkin cookies, fall leaves, andtime with family was just what my soul needed.  

I really love Florida and we are having a great time living here! And yes while Disney and Blue Bell are here, my heart really belongs in Utah!  I know so many people that desperately want to leave Utah and get out of the bubble, but for me I just love it.  You can't beat those mountains, all of the seasons, knowing all of your neighbors, having large wards with tons of kids, being able to go to BYU games, and being near family!  I always knew i loved it there, but living away has really brought perspective into my life and has shown me all the things i took for granted while there.  

I am so grateful for where I grew up and can't wait for our next trip there!