We had a wonderful time in Newport!  I was so excited that we got to have Halloween there and go to Balboa Island for trick-or-treating!  Balboa is a little island that is just a few blocks away with tons of adorable and charming homes that you can take a ferry to and the homes go ALL OUT on halloween with their decorations... So naturally I was stoked!  Well Halloween rolls around and I had forgotten to bring "Hocus Pocus" with me (I watch this every halloween) and was kinda sad about that, but while in Mary's unit that morning she was on the phone with Jordan when she brought something out to me... some sorta surprise.  She first gives me a note.  It was a note from Jordan telling me that he realized I had left this movie home a few weeks back and had his mom go out and get a new one just to be sure I had it to watch... She then handed me the movie!  I about died I was so happy!  Not just cause I had the movie, but because I felt like the luckiest girl in the world to have a husband that gave that much thought and effort into my happiness.  So, I knew it was going to be a great day!  

Well dinner time rolls around and Myra was getting extra fussy.  I wanted to get pictures of her in her costume, but I didn't want her screaming in the pictures so i started to feel a bit sad... which in turn started to make me sad.  Well, I went outside to take pictures of her anyways.  Well as soon as i started snappin photos she perked up!  "phew!!!" I thought!  We all then loaded into the cars and headed over to park and then get onto the ferry.  

As soon as we got there my nephew Driggs starts throwing up in the parking lot.  And that was really the start of the awesome night...

Thankfully he felt better after that so we all piled onto the ferry and headed over.  Myra slept nearly the whole time and it was so much fun to see all the decorated houses on the island!  It was full of trick-or-treaters and the Halloween spirit was in full force.  

About ten minutes before we were done, while walking back to the ferry, the plague of the throw up began to show that it had spread... And right there walking through the crowds of trick-or-treaters Myra barfs ALL OVER ME.  Not just spit up, full on barf projectile.  I was soaked in throw up and I had an extreme mom moment.  I didn't so much care that I was covered in barf, but felt TERRIBLE for Myra.  Terrible that I took her out when she felt that bad, and terrible for being bugged that she was fussy.  

Well, we all laughed about the memories of the night and Myra seemed to feel better so I still was happy about Halloween and SO excited to go home and watch my movie.  But as I am sure you would guess, I as well ended up with the bug!  Thankfully I didn't start feeling terrible till the movie was almost over, but still... :)

We made some great memories from that trip and it was so fun to lay at the beach and soak up the sun, eat Rita's and cheese on a stick, blade to Balboa, feel like a kid on Halloween again and so much more!