Mabey's lately

The past two weeks have been wonderful for us here in the Mabey household.  Myra is growing and growing and I seriously am in love with this age.  Being able to see the little things that make her happy and excited make my little mama heart melt.  

Things around here the past two weeks:

-Found the first food that Myra dislikes.  EGGS.  Of all things.... EGGS.  She took a big bit, her face went sour and shook.  She looked at me like, "Are you kidding me?  Why are you feeding me this?"  then spit it out.  Jordan and I laughed and laughed about that one for a few days. 

-Myra has begun to take steps with her walker.  lots of falling, bonking, crying and laughing.  

-We went to Epcot and my wanderlust grew ten fold.  Someday Europe, someday I will meet with you and shake your hand and love you... someday. 

-Jordan studying.

-Jordan studying some more.

-Bought our christmas sweaters for the year!  

-Bought our first fake Christmas tree.

-Binge watched Reign

-Cuddles on the couch

-Gave Myra 1039209839029838 kisses on her squishy cheeks.  

-a bagillion loads of laundry.

-Myra face planting off the couch and appearing that she snapped her neck in half... luckily the tears and screaming were from a rug burn on her nose... she just wanted to be Rudolph for a few days. 

-Jordan getting to baptize a man he has been helping the missionaries teach. 

It has been a good few weeks.  November, I love you.