Dear Myra Grace

My sweet girl,

I hope you know how much you are loved!  Before you were born I wrote letters often to my future children and dreamed of how happy that first born would make me.  And honey, you truly make me so gosh darn happy and have made all my wildest dreams come true.  You have made me a mother and I will forever be grateful to you for that.  I am grateful that while in the spirit world you chose ME of all people to come to.  

You lay in your room sleeping and I can't help but get teary eyed just thinking of kissing your squishy cheeks and how excited I am to play with you again tomorrow.  I love the personality that is coming out in you and it makes it so fun to hang out and see the world through your eyes.  

When you are asleep at night your dad and I often talk about how much we miss you.  Last night I begged him to let me wake you up so we could play with you for a few minutes... but then we thought about the face you would pull when waking you up like, "seriously you guys?" and I knew i would feel bad for taking you away from your sweet dreams... so i let you sleep.  

When I was a little girl I had a little dolly named Elizabeth.  I carried her EVERYWHERE cause I was her mommy.  she needed me and I her.  I even dragged her with me to the hospital when i got my tonsils taken out and made them put a hospital bracelet with her name on it for her and put bandaids in the same places as me.  We went through a lot together and then one day I had to say goodbye and put her in my cedar chest!  I was getting far too old to play with dolls and it made me so sad.  I remember closing that chest and thinking of the day I would someday have a little girl and how we would be best friends... just like I was with Elizabeth.  And baby we are!!! The wonderful thing is, I get you for ETERNITY and NEVER have to say goodbye to you.

I hope that we can always be best friends.  even through your teenage years.  
you have so much determination and a love for life that i love.  you will move mountains my baby.  

I admire you. i love you sweet angel.  

a thousand eskimo kisses,