Myra Grace is 6 months!!!

My baby turns six months old today.  Holy crap!  Like, where in the world has time gone?   
Sometimes I am in denial that she is growing up and treat her like a little newborn... but then she struggles and squirms in my arms and won't cuddle me and then I remember she isn't a newborn anymore.  And then I want another baby... But in half a second she makes up for it with her adorable smile and bubbly personality that is starting to shine through.  She is so outgoing and social and just loves to flirt with people, you can just see it in her eyes.  I hope this flirty thing doesn't carry through to the teen years or we are in trouble. 

Here are a few more things that make me swoon over her...

1. She doesn't just love food, she is OBSSESSED... like anything that you put in your mouth and eat she wants.  I can't eat in front of her unless she has a spoon or a yum to chew on or she will get jealous and look at me with her chub cheeks, reach out with her hand and start throwing a fit.  It's adorable.

2. She is in love with her daddy, just like me.

3. For the most part, she is an amazing sleeper.  Sleeping through the night since a month old and takes long naps.  

4. On nights she is throwing a fit before bed she only calms down for her momma.  I sing her lullabies and she calms down right away.  I guess my degree wasn't for nothin right?  Those thousands of dollars in voice lessons are paying off in the best way! ;) right mom? I'de way rather hold this sweet babe in my arms and sing her to bed over a large audience any day... It makes me feel closer to heaven more than anything.  

5. She loves being in the sun/outdoors.

6. Mornings are my favorite because it's the only time she lets me breast feed her and snuggle her.  So we lay in my bed after a feeding and I tickle her back while she cuddles me.  It's quite peachy!

I could go on for days.
Lets just say Im in love and leave it at that.  
Having kids is the best.
I recommend it.
K, bye.