Walk Around the Pond

Myra loves the outdoors, so getting out in the mornings for walks around our pond makes for much happier days at the Mabey abode!  Not to mention... the birds.  You guys, they are everywhere down here. Ducks, swans, you name it.  And they are completely unafraid of humans so you can walk right up to them, pop a sit, and stare them in the face.  The first few days after we got here I would sit down with Myra next to the birds and she would look at them wide eyed and fascinated with a tight grip on my arm.  But now she just squeals, smiles, and loves on them with her flirty eyes and they just stare right back... It's adorable.

These walks around the pond help me to start the day with a happy heart.  Some days I really need that extra boost of gratitude to keep me goin'.  When I was in high school I was in the musical Children of Eden (one of the best ever).  In the musical there is a song that God sings (correct me if I am wrong) as Adam and Eve partake of the fruit and he sings the words, "I gave you fields to roam, sapphire skies and chromium waterfalls.  All that I had to give I gave to you.... Ungrateful children..." Anyways, it goes on but you get the point.  Ever since that show that song comes in my head when I am having a negative day and see something beautiful outside.  This always helps remind me that I have so much to be grateful for.  For goodness sakes, this earth is so gorgeous... He didn't have to give us a place to live that is this beautiful.  He chose to, as a gift.  So these walks around a beautiful and safe area help boost my positive energy which in turn makes me a happier momma, which makes her a happy baby and a happy baby makes an even happier momma... It's a circle... 

And this last picture was one I snapped of Myra once we got back inside from our walk.  She generally has her mouth wide open with a tongue sticking right out, but sometimes when she wants some food she puts her lips together and smacks her tongue.  It's adorable.  And it gets me every time.  (you better believe I let her have some licks from the sucker I had in my mouth :)).