One of Jordan's awesome young men leaders from way back when, signed us up to go to his families Wild Florida this weekend.  His brothers started this company not too long ago where you can go on an airboat ride around the Everglades.  It was breath taking and the tour guides were so nice.  It was so fun to feel the wind on our faces as we took in all this beauty around us!  I kept thinking in my head, "Holy moly, God is good.".  There were thousands of lily pads, birds, and bald eagles flying over our heads.  We even got to see a few gators.  Once we got off the airboat ride there was a little restraunt outside of it where you can buy things like turtle and gator to actually eat.  They also have a zoo of wild animals you can go through and see but Myra was about to melt, so we decided we would come back again for that.  

We really miss our families in Utah, but are really loving Florida.  It helps to be in such a fun place (more on that later :)).  

Needless to say, we will definitely be going back to Wild Florida.