Getting Antsy

Do I get to blame all my craziness lately on the hormones?  My poor husband.  
Nobody ever explained to me how difficult the last few weeks of pregnancy are... or maybe they did and I just didn't really listen or understand.  I want her here and its driving me mad inside.  literally.  I am moving furniture around on my own, scrubbing walls and corners, I even attempted to highlight my own hair because I thought she might be coming soon and I didn't want to have roots. Well now I have yellow tiger stripes.  Now that one was a really bad choice.  The hideousness of my hair in combination with the hormones left me crying all day yesterday.  I am now forced to wear a hat everywhere I go until I can get it fixed.  But hey, despite the ugly hair, my house is clean!!

Thursday I had a doctors appointment and my fondus was measuring way too small, so I have to go in for an ultrasound tomorrow to make sure everything is ok.  I am excited I get to see her again, but terrified that something could be wrong... anybody else had this before?  I just want a healthy baby.  

Anyways, everything else is going great around here.  Still no stretch marks, we've got lots of cadbury mini eggs to snack on, the hospital bags are packed, her room is ALMOST ready for her, Ive got a cover under my sheets to protect the mattress-just in case my water breaks in bed, and there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel with school.  Can I even express to you how excited I am to graduate?  I don't think so.  AND it is getting warm outside... I am so excited for spring.  

Can you tell I am antsy?  antsy for spring, graduation and a baby..?   
Well I am, along with 20 million other emotions.  Cause thats what happens when your pregnant.