Third Trimester Thoughts


*Time is flying by and I can't help but scream into my pillow with happiness over the thought that I get to hold my baby in 4 weeks!  I finally had a dream about two weeks ago that I was in the hospital giving birth!  She ended up being 5 pounds 3 oz.... I hope that is not a sign that she will be too early.  We want this girl healthy! :)
But this is good progress from the other dreams I have had involving her.  Those dreams were weird and hands starting to stick through the skin on my stomach.  Quite disturbing. 

*This baby is so spoiled and she isn't even a part of this world yet.  Her armoire is already filled with new clothes.. My mom thinks I am crazy for already buying so many clothes (clothes that will only fit her in her first two weeks of life).  But I seriously can't help it.  It's a disease.  Who can say no to baby gap sales? I surely can not! 

*She LOVES music.  Whenever someone is singing in class she starts moving like crazy.  So in my voice coaching class (class of four people coaching songs for auditions etc..), which is an hour long, she ends up massaging my insides for the entire hour.  I love it!  

*I can't sleep at night... Most pregnant women say this, but they say it's because they are uncomfortable.  I haven't quite reached that point yet.  I am still comfortable sleeping.  However, the constant peeing, hunger pains, and nightmares keep me up lots.  I guess my body is just starting to get ready for the lack of sleep I will get once the babe comes. 

*It takes me SO long to walk to class.  I am usually a very fast walker who hates getting stuck walking behind slow people on campus.  Well I am the slow one now... If I walk much faster than a tortoise to my classes than I start getting cramps...  and on top of that it feels like there is a tennis ball stuck in my lady parts. It's interesting how differently my day goes from walking slower.  I take more in and have so many positive thoughts about how beautiful this world is, because I have the time to take everything in that is around me.  I have really learned how much I need to slow down in life. 

*Loving fresh fruit, veggies and drinkable yogurt.

*No stretch marks yet, and SO happy about it.  We will see if any show up in the next few weeks.  I thought I would for sure have some already because I got some on my upper thighs from my crazy growth spirit in my youth.  

*Was so scared I would end up gaining 80 pounds while pregnant cause I gained nearly 10 pounds in the month of December alone.  Thankfully January only added two pounds.  I guess it was the holidays...:)

*Saturday I got to do my Senior Recital.  It was surreal... I have dreamed of this moment in my life for so long, the moment when I get to finish up school and focus on having a family  But for a moment while on stage, as those familiar lights were shining down on me, I soaked in the moment and I remembered my first love.  My first love was the arts and performing.  That moment for me was beautiful because I rarely love and live in the moment.  I wish time away...far too much.  But that moment as I was singing I felt overwhelmed with gratitude.  Gratitude for where my life has gone and at that moment I got to share my first love with the two loves of my life, with my supportive husband in the audience filming and my baby on stage with me.