Dear Baby Mabey

|^^ Our sweet jelly bean at 9 & 1/2 weeks.  First time hearing and seeing the heartbeat^^ |

  ^^ 16 & 1/2 week ultrasound!  Girly parts, good spine, 4 chambers for the heart, and a dancer^^ 

My Sweet baby,

Being Pregnant with you has been quite the adventure!  I have never felt more happy, peaceful, or sick in my entire life.  But that sickness has been oh SO worth it! For over a year I have been feeling your sweet spirit and your eagerness to come to earth and I am beyond thrilled that that day is coming soon.   

You have already changed my life for the better.  

At your 9 week ultrasound the doctor could not find you!  It gave us quite the scare as he sent us to another room for another ultrasound.  Thanks heavens, we found you and we got to hear your heartbeat for the first time ever.  At that moment my whole being filled with emotions I had never felt before in my life.  And YOU did that!  

At your 16 week ultra sound we found out you were a GIRL!  Everyone was so excited!  Your papa and nana could not stop smiling when we showed them the DVD of you dancing around in there.  I can't wait for you to meet them!  They are going to be the best grandparents ever... you are one lucky girl.  Nana is the baby/kid whisperer.  You will never feel like you aren't getting attention if you are with her.  I guarantee she will sit on the ground and play with you for hours, whether its Barbies or legos!  And if you want ANYTHING, she can make it.  A dollhouse, done.  A quilt, done.  A prom dress, done!!! And papa will serenade you with his soothing voice and guitar skills.. He is also very good at telling night time stories.  So remember when you have sleepovers there, make sure he tells you hours of stories and sings you lullabies.  And when you grow up, he will always know when you need someone to talk to and he will let you just talk to him for however long you need to- even if it's about boys! He gives great advice on boys!!! 

You will have so many open arms ready for you when you come to this earth!  Even all my friends at school are excited for you to come.  They see my belly grow everyday and can't wait to hold you.  Lots of them even get scared for your safety while in dance class.  But dancing is one of very favorite parts of the day because its the only time I can feel you goin' crazy in there.  I'm not sure if you are loving or hating all the moving I am doing but I'm pretty sure you are loving it!  :)

I think daddy has given up on trying to get me to eat healthy... people thought I loved junk food and candy before I was pregnant.... hahaha they have no idea.  My cravings with you have been chewy sprees, salad with lemon juice and salt on top, frosties WITH fries, junior bacon cheesburgers, orange juice, starbursts, take fives, and homeade oreos!  Nutritious right?  I can't wait to introduce you to fries dipped in frosties, it is heaven on your taste buds!  

Daddy and I love laying in bed and talking to you and about you, we are so excited to continue on in this adventure!  We love you oodles peanut!