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It's strange how time seems to pass before my eyes as I look back and reminisce my life.  Each week seems to go faster and faster, and when I stop and think about that I take in that moment to enjoy my life right then and there.

I have spent my life wishing I were living in my future life. I remember being in high school spending many weekends crying to my parents.  Just wishing I could be in college already, living my dreams.  I remember dating Jordan and just wishing I could already be married to him, just to know he was mine forever.
I finally realized about a year ago that I was wishing my life away.  I look back now and would happily go back to High School, when life was simpler and so much fun.  And I would easily go back to dating Jordan.  Every time we drive past his old apartment we talk about how fun it would be to just go walk in and pretend we were dating again.  To just sit on the green couch, slip a movie in, and kiss.  And then we laugh at the thought that the life of that couch has spent more minutes with couples kissing on it, than sitting on it.
But then I have to stop myself from wishing I could go back , because once again I am wishing my life away.

So, this year I have been trying to not spend my life thinking about the day I can finally have a sweet baby, or wishing I were still in High School....  I am going to enjoy my life at the present moment, because my life right now is really so good.
As I have spent these past few weeks just enjoying each day, I have found myself to be a much happier person and so much more thankful for the simple things in life.
Everyday I get to wake up next to the love of my life, and go to school learning to become better at what I love.  I dance all day long and get to have voice lessons from the best teacher in Utah.  And in my spare time I get to be a hair stylist and make people feel good about themselves.
My life is truly amazing.  And I am so grateful that it has turned out to be the life God had planned for me, and not the life I had planned for me.  Because this life is far better.  I am hopeful for my future, happy about my past, and joyous about the present.