a year's past...

This past year has been absolutely crazy!  Our lives have been full of busyness and blessings.  
Nearly everyday for this past year I have thought to myself, "Gosh, I really need to do a blog post today..." And of course, I went the whole year with out journaling our lives.  I am so sad that we are missing documentation of that first year of marriage, but our free time was well spent with each other.  

Now that I have a bit more free time, I wanted to look back at some of the memories we have shared this year together... 

January through May was such an adventure for us.  Jordan was taking over 18 credits, working as a chemistry TA, working as an EMT at BYU, doing research, and studying for the MCAT.  I was going to BYU part-time in the mornings, and then spent the rest of my day at the Studio finishing up my cosmetology licence.  And alas, we did it!  We got through it as we rarely saw each other.  But, the hard work payed off. I got my licence and Jordan got a Med school interview to the U.

 After all our craziness, we spent a few weeks traveling all over Mexico.  We drove down to Acapulco and stayed at the beach for a few days.  I stayed in the hotel bed for the majority of that time, thanks to Montezumas revenge.  And then we explored Jordan's mission in Mexico City.  We got to see pyramids and walked hours in museums.  My two favorite moments of the trip were Molinalco and Xochimilco (spelling??).  Molinalco is a small town far up the mountains where the roads are made of cobble stone, and it is SO green.  Once we drove into the town I turned to Jordan and said, "when we are rich we are buying a vacation house here!"  The culture, enviornment and city were breath taking.  Xochimilco is a Mexican version of Venice.  We road around the rivers of Mexico city in colorful boats as mariachi bands passed by us in their boats playing and entertaining us.  There are so many stories and fun memories from the trip, but here are some photos to sum it up.

We stayed with Jordan's sweet friends that live in Mexico city.  Jordan baptised Rafa, the father, while on his mission for the LDS church.  This is a picture on top of their apartment buildings that they own, and live in.  I loved seeing all the clothes lines up through-out the city as a constant reminder that I was no longer in the US.

This is the drink we believe to be the culprit of my stomach illness.... it was delicious though, cinnamon and cocoa.

Rafa's amazing wife Christina and their son Rafita.

FRUIT EVERYWHERE!!! I love it.  Their mangos were the best...

They sell fresh honey on the streets along with honey comb!  YUM

The yummiest taco shop in the world.  Seriously, I am craving them right now.... And they have mango drinks, which is frosting on the cake!

I felt so blessed to travel around and see where my darling husband lived for two years of his life.  To see and experience just a little bit of this culture that he loves so much.  It was fun to see and meet all the people there that love him dearly.  My amazing husband changed many lives in that city and I could see it in their eyes.  I am proud of him!  I can't wait to go back there with him more.

We came home and back to school we went.  I am just working on getting my BFA in Music Dance Theatre and Jordan will be done with his degree this April, and then on to Med school.

Although the year has been busy, I sit here looking at our Christmas tree thinking of how much I love living with Jordan. I couldn't have asked for a better husband and best friend.