life has been oh so good.
I am thriving off of everything fall. Making pumpkin cookies... and eating all of them. Carving pumpkins. Coming home after a long day and lighting a pumpkin candle. But none of it would be as good without my Mr. I love sharing my life with another person. I don't know how I survived such a lonely life before. Experiencing everything life has to give me is a million times better when you have someone to share those experiences with.

I have missed dancing and performing so much lately. Without really saying that, I think Jordan has picked up on it. So, he surprised me with a date on Saturday night to go and see Thriller. Oh how I longed to be on that stage with all of them. It was soooo good.

Being back on campus this semester has been swell. I complain about doing my homework, and about waking up for our 8 am classes... But I truly am so happy to be back in school. I love what I am learning and I love that whenever I don't understand something, Jordan is always there to help me. Not only to help me learn the subject matter, but to also love it and enjoy it. He is so very optimistic and full of life.

Decorating our home has been so enjoyable for me... It's still in the process. School, the salon, and cooking have consumed my life. But, I find moments here and there to make a wreath, or figure out what curtains I want.

I hope your life is going well too.
Of course not everything is perfect.. but this month I have been trying to find the little things in life that make it so wonderful.
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