the life of an engaged women

The past few weeks have been absolutely incredible!!!
My whole life I have been excited to go register for gifts as a couple... I know it's what most people dread, but I always oooooed and awwwwwwwed at the couples walking up and down the stores holding hands while the man drug his feet only to be entertained by the scanning gun. It just looked like so much fun.
Before we left people told us not to register for things we don't need, to not get carried away scanning things we could possibly get from the wedding and later say, "why the heck did we register for this?" And before we got started the worker gave us one piece of advice, not to fight.

So we began... And I made Jordan scan everything I saw that I thought was... in his words "cute."
It started with a mini strainer that was metal... it came in red, blue, and green..

"oh my gosh these are sooo cute!!! can we get these?"
Jordan- "you only think they are cute because they are little. Would you ever use them?"
"no, but I want them."

He scanned the item....
the rest of the day continued with me telling him what to scan and him just giving me a look like (do you really need this?) and scanning anyways!

Isn't he great?

This week Jordan has spent HOURS online trying to find apartments for us to look at... the search began. And all the apartments were old. Not cool old. yucky old. gross. smelly old. Our last day of looking was very successful though... We LOVED one of them.. It was the only one big enough to fit two people inside without suffocating! We applied, and are now waiting...

Oh... and we got our engagements.