My 3 month absence..

The past 3 months have been CRAZY busy. They have consisted of work, more work, and planning an unofficial secret wedding. After a year an a half of dating... And booking the temple, ordering decorations and bridesmaid clothing ...while there was yet to be a ring on my finger, I am now officially
ENGAGED!!! To this handsome man...

I was completely surprised that it happened that night and was beyond happy..

Long story short, i have always been in love with Ferris wheels and for a year we have been trying to plan out being on the Ferris wheel during the fireworks at the Orem summerfest carnival.. After lots of craziness, he ended up proposing on the Ferris wheel...during the fireworks finale.
I love the story.
I love my ring.
and I LOVE my boy!!!

Our date is August 8th and we will be married in the Salt Lake Temple...
What a peaceful feeling it is, to know that I get to spend the rest of eternity with my very best friend! There's not a person in the world I would rather enter the temple with!

I am so excited for this lovely to be passed on from generation to generation...
I get all giddy inside every time I get a glance of it.

I can't wait to post about the planning of the wedding. But mostly, I am ecstatic to delve into my new life as a newlywed!

So if this blog turns into a wedding blog for the next 6 weeks, I apologize. But at least I will be posting :)