A late ode to"the boy".

The blog has been slightly neglected as I have spent the past month on cloud nine.

February was full of love, as it should be. And it kept me....busy. So lets go back in time for a moment.. When February 11th came around, I was ecstatic to relive the blind date I went on a year ago from that exact date. Yes, Jordan and I met for the first time on our first date... Let me expound.

Jordan had recently returned from serving a mission for the LDS church in Mexico city for two years. So, his Spanish was fluent. Well, a little elementary school a few minutes away from his new apartment was in need of volunteers that could come and translate for parent teacher conferences... the elementary school my mother works at. Little did Jordan know that his choice to go volunteer for a few hours at an elementary school would completely change his life and mine.
While walking down the hall my mom saw him out of the corner of her eye and had a sudden and strong feeling to approach him. As she describes it, there were girls and women swarming him. But, Nettie being the way she is, didn't think twice about it. She approached him and said, "You look just like my daughters type! You have to ask her on a date, you would love her." As anyone would be, Jordan was a bit sceptical... I mean what mother would fawn her daughter off to a guy.. She could tell he was a little unsure and so she dragged him to her class room where she proceeded to show him pictures of me and even my blog. Jordan left that night with numbers for four different girls... thankfully mine was in the mix.

A few hours later my mom came into my room and sat next to me on my bed where I was reading. Excited and happy, she began telling me how she met THE CUTEST boy, and gave him my number. I admit, I was mad. She understood that I didn't want to date, let alone go on blind date... I was bitter, and rude about it until she told me he had dimples. I was still mad, but that fact definitely softened it.

A few days later I got a phone call. We were to meet on the 11th in the BYU library and then go out for dinner.

The 11th came around. I walked into the library and could see a boy smiling, and he had dimples. I knew it was him. I walked straight to him and said, "are you Jordan?" He said yes and gave me a hug, and right off the bat things were comfortable with us. I felt like I had known him for years. We walked out of the library and he turned to me and said, "let's not make this awkward, ok?"

We went and ate at Zupas where we took our time eating yummy turkey bacon avocado sandwiches slowly. Partly to not be messy, but mostly to make the date last longer. He was easy to talk to and conversation was constant.
While dropping me off, he asked me on a second date which I happily accepted. I got inside my house, ran up to my moms room, looked at her and said, "I love you. He's perfect." And that he is!
February this year was amazing...lots of dates, and lots of flowers, and lots of time with my boy!
I have enjoyed getting know my mister and his amazing family. I don't think there is a boy in the world who treats his girlfriend, mother, and sisters with as much respect and love as he does. He would do anything for the girls in his life.

I laid in bed last night with my mom telling her how sweet he is, how he makes me feel protected and how much I love him. And how much I love being around his family. There is never a dull moment in the Mabey household.

I have always lived my life listening to people say, "love isn't the way it is in the movies." Assuming they meant it would never be as great and exciting. But, I realized after meeting Jord, that people are right. It's not as good as it is in the movies, it's better!!!