I am smiling right now at the thought of waking up in the morning.
Not because its is Christmas, or that I am traveling somewhere exciting... but because I am happy and ready to soak in all the simple everyday pleasures that await the morning and the day and evening that follow it. Tomorrow will consist of pleasures that God gives me nearly everyday, ones I am use to and am grateful for. Like...(to give you a snap shot in your head of my typical day.)

*Wake up early and make my bed. (Most people don't do this because they don't understand why they would make their bed if they were to just sleep in it that night... and no, I don't like making my bed, but i LOVE sleeping in a bed that was made that day. Everything clings tighter to your body, and the sheets feel clean and crisp. I get lots of excitement from the thought of going to sleep in a welcoming bed like that. So it makes the making it all worth it.)

*15 Minutes of spiritual/meditation (call it what you want) time. (To be honest, this is truly what makes the difference of whether I am happy or not. It helps me recognize the beauty of life and love.

*Exercise... I am not, nor have I ever been a runner. But, I want to be. I am making a goal to do a 5K this summer, and then start going up in distance from there. My favorite exercise though (besides dance of course) is Yoga... Yoga is my choice of exercise. FOR SURE!!! It is so relaxing, and nothing makes me feel better than finishing a hard Yoga class. (And does Salt Lake not just have the most awesome Yoga places? This morning I was at a color class and while walking in I saw this cute Yoga studio. And to go off on a tangent... I am loving Salt Lake as of late. The area where the color class was, was so cute... Tons of old, fixed up, cute houses, and tons of shops, spas, salons, bakeries, and yes the yoga studio. There were oodles of attractive young granola couples walking their dogs around too... I felt like I was in a different state.)

*Take a hot shower and use a delicious smelling body wash. A yummy smelling aroma makes a good start for the day.

*Turn on some Good Old War or Joshua Radin... and get ready for the day.

* Practice voice and/or piano.

*Arrive at the adorable Studio 210 that's covered in Ivy... Do some hair... Its art, SIMPLE chemistry, and psychology mixed into one profession. I love it.

*Receive a call from J. These are always short because this is how it goes... ALWAYS THE SAME PHONE CALL!!!

Me: (see the call is from him, pick it up with a smile on my face)
(In a high pitched excited tone because HE is calling Me.) JORDAN!!!

J: (A small chuckle) Hey!!! (small chuckle again)

Me: What doin?

J: Just got back from school. Wanna come over?

Me: Yep. I will see you in a few minutes.

J: k

Me: Love you, bye.

J: Love you, bye.

Then we spend the rest of the evening together.. Cooking, watching Lost, homework, reading, whatever will tickle our fancy for the night. We are just best friends that on good days exchange "Gosh, I like you lots." expressions.

*Arrive home to my nicely made, warm bed.

*read a bit.

*Pray. (because I have lots to thank God for.)


And some days I don't stick with the regular schedule... Those days are even more exciting. Like going skiing, visiting my grandparents, or .... (You fill in the blank, you are all humans, you know all the fun and exciting things that come with life.)

Today I had some excitement slip into my day... I went to Cafe Rio and ate a chicken salad and satisfied my long waited craving. Spent awhile in Planted Earth (my favorite antique store) with my mom who bought me an antique turquoise ring...I needed a new one. And decided on my new major.... Shocking I know, I have been known to change my mind a lot lately when it comes to life plans.

Last night J and I were talking. We decided that I miss BYU... that I love doing hair, will continue doing it, and will have it for my career... but, if I don't work on getting my degree now, I never will. And I will regret it. I told him I needed to just choose a major and choose to stick with it this time. He very much so agreed. He told me he would help me write out my schedule, and told me to not stress about it. To choose something I will love, pray about it, and discuss it with him... Right now, I am thinking Family life. I will just take one class each semester until I have finished hair school, and then continue full time.

I feel more at peace than I have in years.

So, today was a good day. And I am excited for what tomorrow holds.