We Are the World.

I look up to people like this. I always tell myself, "Someday I will be like that. Selfless, caring, and dedicating my life to making others happier." But, I need to stop saying someday and just start. I would absolutely love to just go and live in another country for a year and just give... But until I can afford that, I am going to try my best to help the thousand of people here in Utah that are less fortunate than me. They go so unnoticed.

My mother works at an elementary school where more than half of the kids are in poverty and worry everyday whether they will come home to their parents home or in jail. I spend just a small amount of time with these kids each week giving service, and the small three hours a week makes such a large difference. For them to have somebody they can look up to and love is all they need.

I know a lot of people who disliked Michael Jackson. And yes, there may have been some things he did that were not good decisions, but I like to try and focus on the good that people did in their lives... I loved Michael Jackson. Not just because of his music, but because he was so into making this earth a better place.

I have shared this video on here before.... but I thought it deserved another post. :)

What is life all about.?.