A New Year!!!

Today is a new year! I am going to be very open in this blog post as one of my resolutions is to not be afraid to be me.

This past year has been an unimaginably amazing adventure. I was blindsided with so many unexpected plans the Lord had for me for my life. As I have reflected back on everything, my eyes have been opened to see that where I am in life right now is better than anything I could have imagined for myself.

If you were to have asked me a year ago what my plans for life were, I would have said with out hesitation, "to become a Broadway star!!!" Nothing in life made me happier than performing, and I was bound and determined to have a happy life doing just that. Of course as a girl I have always wanted a family... but I figured that would just come years after. And then I fell in love.

This time it wasn't that "High-school, why not date him...there is nobody at the school who quite tickles my fancy like him." kind of love. This time was far different... I never knew somebody could feel this way for another person. And I was (still am) convinced that nobody in the world has ever felt for someone like I do for him! :)

The two of us were not looking for a serious relationship, but were set up on a blind date by my mother in February. I thought he was the most perfect human being and loved spending time with him... I was super clueless and didn't realize that I was in love with this him because it all went so fast. I realized one day in March while dancing and kissing in the snow that I was in a lot of trouble... that this was the real thing.

My hopes and dreams for the future changed that day. I finally came to my senses and realized how much more important relationships and family are than getting into a Broadway show. And now all I can think about is someday being a wife and mother. Nothing makes me smile like the thought of these amazing spirit children in heaven that will someday be mine!

Because I no longer have the same goals for my life as I once did, I decided to no longer major in Music Dance Theatre. Do I love performing, YES. But this major is no longer practical for me in my life right now. I spent along time exploring other majors and praying my little heart out to find one that would fit me. I never felt a peace about any of them... That is when I came across a wonderful opportunity for me.

A hairstylist was looking for someone to apprentice her... I went in for an interview, learned about what I would have to do to get my license, and was certain this was for me. She called me a few weeks later offering the Apprenticeship to me!!! Many people think I am crazy, but the people who know me, love me, and are close to me support me 100%. Am I giving up? NO!!! If you know me, you know I am the last person on the earth that would give up on something... but when I find something that interests me, I take it. I start tomorrow and could not be more excited.

What I learned this year:
God knows what will make us happier in life more than us. We must trust in Him with all our hearts.


1. Embrace who I truly am, and not be afraid to share that with the world.
2. Enjoy each day with-out wishing the present away.
3. patience.
4. Try to be less sensitive.
5. Don't be afraid to love.
6. Be selfless.
7. Practice guitar everyday.
8. Start running more often.
9. Spend more time with scriptures/prayer/temple/journal.
10. Write my crafty ideas down, and DO THEM!!!