My first day

Hello all!!!

Yesterday was my first day at the hair salon... and can I just say one word HALLELUJAH!!!
After knowing MDT was not right for me I spent nearly a year trying to think of what I would want to do. And I am crazy in love already. Jaime, the hairstylist I apprentice for, is amazing! You would think standing on your feet for eleven hours helping fix people hair would stink! But, I really loved it... And when Jaime told me she doesn't come in on Tuesdays, and that I would have that day off, I was sad... Sad that I was not returning to work the next day. That's when I knew that I really found what I want to do. Yes, all the hair doings and reading of the text book interests me, but what I really love is that people come in and you talk to each other for two hours while you do their hair. So basically all day you just make friends... It's perfect for me. I am so excited to go on this journey. I feel so spoiled and lucky that this is school for me!
Now, I don't want to make it sound like all roses and smiley faces, it is tiring and a lot of work...but when the hard work is for something you enjoy..... well then I guess it is all roses and smiley faces.