My week!!!

After a stressful few days of finals...I spent a day with my best friends!

My best friend got married to the love of her life. They are both amazing people and are so lucky to have each other!! They will have a beautiful life and family.

Went to the Kurt Bestor Christmas concert with Jordan and his wonderful family. Kurt Bestor had a guest singer and guess who is was... JASON CASTRO!!! He sang two Christmas songs and his beautiful rendition of Hallelujah.. We then got to meet him.

Went on a date with Jord to one of our favorite restraunts, Olive Garden. Then we went and saw Tangled! It was SOOOO good!!! I am a baby and Jordan caught me crying twice while watching it.
And is my boy just not the most handsome person to ever grace this earth!!!???
Sometimes I wonder how I got so dang lucky to have him. He has a heart of gold and he treats me so well. I always feel like my life could be made into a Disney movie because he has made it so good.

How was your week?