My early morning insight

This morning I woke up so grateful for the relationships I have in my life. I have these amazing and supportive parents that do everything in their power to make me happy. After a rough night, my dad spent hours talking to me and doing everything in his power to make me happy.
And then I thought about Jordan and how any girl would do anything to have a boyfriend like him. I never knew I could love somebody so much until I met him! Just the thought of getting to see him tonight makes me smile!
What more could someone want in life? I think sometimes I focus too much on what I want that I don't have, rather than what I do have!!! And what I DO have are the most important things on this earth, unimaginable love and relationships.
Sometimes Heavenly Father has to give me trials and let me stumble so that my heart can be humbled.
" 'Seek ....first to build up the kingdom of God' The work of God is to bring to pass the eternal life of His children and all that this entails in the birth, nurturing, teaching, and sealing of our Heavenly Father's children. Everything else is lower in priority... As someone has said, if we do not choose the kingdom of God first, it will make little difference in the long run what we have chosen instead of it."
Thank goodness I have finally begun to mature and now realize that family and friends are far more important than being the best singer in Provo. A year ago I would have told anyone that if I had one wish for my future it would be to be a famous Broadway star. And through trials AND wonderful moments this past year, my one wish would now be to have a loving husband and lots of kids. Heavenly Father has worked hard to make sure my heart and my mind have the right motives and perspective on life!
I have such a blessed life, and I truly love it!