Every morning I wake up and pray, if I have a moment in my day I am struggling with I pray, and at the end of the day I get down on my knees and I thank the Lord for everything I was blessed with that day, including the hard times. He is my very best friend and my love for Him is deeper than any... a love that could never fade. He will always be there for me no matter what, I can trust Him, and He wants what is best for me always. It's that love you have for someone that is indescribable, that when you think about how grateful you are for them, your eyes begin to water.
Because of Christ I can be forgiven for my sins, find comfort in Him, and someday find the love of my life who I will get to spend eternity with because of the atonement. I find happiness and peace in my life through Him and I am grateful for that. Nothing brings light into my life and into my eyes like the thought of Him! So this Thanksgiving I am grateful for Christ and the example of pure love that He sets for each of us today.