Sometimes I think...

...that I am way too hard on myself. When it gets to the point where I am more mad at myself than my parents are for doing something wrong, that is when I realize that I really am over acting. For the majority of the time I am a pretty relaxed, easy-going person. But, I have those moments when I let something get to me too much. This morning was just one of those moments...

I was driving to school singing to myself a song I had to sing today in class when in my rear view mirror a police man turned his lights on for me to pull over. Usually when I see this I panic because 1. yes I was speeding and 2. I am going to have to pay a bunch of money, and go to boring traffic school. 3. I was speeding to get to class on campus on time, and now this cop is going to make me embarrassingly late!!! But today, I was calm and relaxed... knowing I wouldn't get a ticket because I wasn't speeding at all. Once I began getting curious as to why he pulled me over, then the panic came. Now, I have always been told to be kind and calm to police men and they will most likely not give you a ticket. Well guess what, they will. So when people tell you to not cry when the cop comes up to the car, don't believe them. I have played the cry card, and it works like a charm!!! Anyways, the cop ends up giving me a ticket...for being to close to the car in front of me.

Can I just say, I was unpleasantly upset while I was walking to my class. I called my mom in a rage.... Now, most parents would be mad, but my mother just calmed me down. Told me that it was nothing to worry about, and we would take care of it. She said to be grateful that I didn't run over a kid, or get in a car wreck and to not waste my time worrying about it for one more minute. So.... I stopped myself from worrying about it. Which I am getting a lot better at then I used to be.

Two things I learned:
Worrying is a waste of time, and will get you nowhere
Sometimes all you need to keep your day from going bad is a simple phone call with mom.