A day full of goodness...

As said in my previous post, insomnia is invading my life...So here I am in bed, at one in the morning with an early dance class Tuesday. I am exhausted, tired, and yet I am happier than ever. Because, today was simply delightful. After school I met up with the strapping young lad in the pictures above. We walked to his apartment from campus in the pouring rain (which was amazing because I love rain more than anything.) Then, boyfriend made me yummy soup, and we enjoyed an afternoon filled with laughter as we watched one of the best shows known to man, the office (thank you netflicks). Come night time, we enjoyed a wonderful evening filled with the music and humor of Kalai.... No not through a stereo, live! Sometimes with all the chaos and craziness of life, you need a good day like today to remind you why life is so good.

Top picture: John Mayer and Owl City concert
Bottom picture: Kalai concert tonight