Autumn letters...

Dear fall rain,
Its ridiculous how much I love you right now... I love you so much that I incessantly talk about you in all my classes... About how beautiful you are, how divine you smell, and even how relaxing the sound of you is. A boy in my acting class looked at me the other day like, "stop talking about the rain you ditz..." But I didn't care because you deserve to be talked about lots.

Dear pops,
I dunno what I would do with out you... You are fixing my awesome go-cart of a car right now, just like you have to do every month. I know it's annoying that there is something always wrong with it, but you are so patient and helpful about it.

Dear Mom,
Thanks for letting me vent to you sometimes, well I guess lots. It's just you're the only person who will listen, and then make me get over it quick. And you're the only blunt and honest person who will tell me to stop complaining! :) It's great.... You always make me think about what I should be grateful for instead.

Dear school,
I know I gossip about you a lot, and that I say really mean hatred things... and I am sorry, but there are some days that I really love you. Like today...

Dear Jordan,
Thank you for letting me fall asleep all the time at your apartment. I am sorry that on days I am exhausted I am no fun... like when I fall asleep during the office. I really do love that we are watching a whole season together. Thank you for introducing me to brownie batter, its my new favorite thing. I love you lots.

Dear Norah Jones,
I love you... that's all