The Artist's Curse

My whole life people would look at my mom with envious eyes and say to her, "you're so talented, I wish I could paint/sew/sing/(basically anything you can think of) like you." And she would say back, "No you don't!!!"

I never quite understood why my mom hated her creativity and talent until now. Our Family calls it "the artist's curse"... Because we realize how stupid we are choosing careers in the arts that earn us diddly. I have a father who chose to be an artist for a living. He has commuted to Salt Lake everyday for over 20 years to be graphic artist. And the first thing he does when he comes home is pick up a guitar. For years my mother worked as a scenic artist for movies (even worked on Dumb and Dumber.) My brothers and I grew up very happy. We never got all the cool new electronics or expensive new clothes that our friends and neighbors always had, but we had amazing parents that could teach us anything! And to us, that's all that mattered. Obviously to my brothers they didn't mind growing up that way, because now they are in school studying art as well. I spent this summer convinced that I was a practical person, and that I was going to switch majors. I even made a post a few months back declaring that I was indeed going to become a teacher. And part of me still likes the thought of that, but it's the artist curse in matter what, we end up going back to what we know and love. My mind was made up to change, but my heart still lingered in my Music Dance Theatre major. (hence picture i look happy to be on that stage or what?)

I am SO wishy washy.... I know... But this time of life is so scary because every decision you make can change your life. CURSE the artist curse and CURSE being indecisive!!!
I still wish I could get a letter in the mail telling me what to major in, who to marry, how many kids to have, where to live, what to say, who to be, what I should wear, what food to buy.....
I really want to major in MDT, but I also want to be practical and unselfish.

So, the moral of the story...
Don't ask me what I am majoring in. Because I have NO IDEA!!!!!