Why I love you Dad...

Because when I was young you tucked me in every single night. Telling me stories and singing me songs. And before you left the room you made sure my night light was on and that a cassette tape was playing softly.

Because you taught me to love music.

Because you taught me to never give up. If I ever wanted to accomplish something you supported me and helped me till I fished.

Because you showed me that all anybody needs is a desire to learn something and they can learn it.

Because you sit on the couch with me and play the guitar for hours while I nap.

Because when I come to our home ward you let me lean over during church while you rub my back.

Because you tell me you love me before you hang up the phone.

Because you taught me patience. (I still have a lot of work to do on this, but you set a good example.)

Because you unselfishly took care of you mother for what? 7ish years?

Because you would stay up all night long just to teach me all your painting techniques. Even if you had work the next morning.

Because you could probably be sponsored for fixing things. You can fix ANYTHING... If my car, camera, computer, or even heart breaks, you are there to fix it like a pro.

I love you so much. thank you for being you!!!