This morning I woke up with a sore body and a billion bug bites... And ironically it felt good. It felt good being reminded that I spent a day outside surrounded by the beauty that God has put on this earth and enjoying using the body he has given me that is healthy and able to be active.
Yesterday the fam and Jordan woke up early and drove down to the San Rafael Swell to hike the Ding and Dang canyon. It was gorgeous, fun and challenging at times. Quite often we would reach a place in the canyon where the walls were straight up and down on the sides of you and then a large drop into water...So, we would straddle the canyon and inch by inch move across as our legs began to shake like crazy. We were in on the hike for hours, and once we were finished, I didn't want it to be. We reached the car and I wanted to start hiking it again. If you ever are bored on a beautiful summer day...get up and go do this hike. Its well worth your time!!!