Little Letters

Dear high school,

I would never go back. But, I slightly miss you and your dances.

Dear ballet,

Thank you for keeping me in shape this semester!

Dear David Archuleta,

You sang beautifully on Idol tonight. I honestly didn't think you could get any better. However, you proved me wrong.

Dear Sunshine,

Thank you for coming out at the end of the day. It felt glorious to lie on the grass under your rays.

Dear pomegranate Chap Stick,

I hate that I am addicted to you, but I am pretty sure I love you more than anything right now.

Dear American Heritage,

Your boringness and giving hailey headacheness is soon to be over with. This makes me happier than a pig in mud.

Dear cold mornings,


Dear Facebook,

You are a large waste of time!

Dear Pandora,

I hate that I run out of my 40 hour maximum listening before the end of the month…..but, I still loveth you!

Dear paints,

I wish you would find your way back into my life…pronto



Hailey Josephine