My whole life I have kept journals, ranging from fuzzy diaries with locks, to journals with sketches (sometimes words aren't enough)!
But the one thing all my journals from my childhood have in common, is that they have only been written in half way through, and each entry jumps months rather than a day.
Recently, I have felt like writing in my journal is what keeps me going. Being able to write everything and anything you want or feel and not have to worry about trust is so refreshing. And now, my journals are written in cover to cover with events in my life that have made me who I am today. Its interesting how as you get older, life gets harder and harder and when you think you cant handle one more thing to go wrong, something always does. And yet, somehow everyone finds a way to get through those trials. For me, I am a crier, and I will cry about something and let it all out. I try to not let myself wallow for long, I find my own personal ways to, as my mom would say "buck up". And one of those ways is for me to write it in my journal!!! God never gives us something we can't handle! He provides ways for us to heal and grow from the experiences of life. Journals are a small thing to be grateful for, but they make such a large difference in my life.