This afternoon I spent awhile with my brother, mom, and dad, sitting on my parents bed laughing and talking. I felt like I was a little girl again spending time with my best friends, my family. Most people on the outside would think most all of us are different, but those who know us well, know that we are very much alike. People often say that I am the girl version of Brady, my brother! And that makes me smile... All of us love music, art, and frankly we spend WAY too much time on the internet or watching the History channel. All of us could live the rest of our lives living in the mountains in a small cabin, as long as we had guitars and paint, and we would be the happiest people alive. And today while we were talking we were laughing about how nerdy we are as a family. But these are the things that connect us, that make our love for each other so tight and loyal. There is NOTHING more important to me than my family. Thank goodness for eternity!!!