My Pollyanna Day

This morning I woke up to the sound of birds singing for the first time this year!
This instantly made me happy, which resulted in my whole day being wonderful. I don't know what it is exactly, but that i guess its just...that sound made me realize that spring is the next season!
Spring has always been my favorite season because it rains a lot, flowers start blooming, the air smells fresh, I can finally start hiking again, colors are bright and happy, and EASTER!!! I love easter...I love being reminded of Christs resurrection and I start thinking about when I will be resurrected! I will be so full of happiness as I stand near my eternal companion...
So my day became a Pollyanna day, which is great..,because ALL my thoughts were happy and positive all day! I started thinking about how tons of my friends are starting to come home from their missions, and how lucky I am to be going to such an amazing University, and how I am living my dream being in MDT, and my mind thought about each of my friends and the influence that they have been on my life and how grateful i am for them!
How was your day?