The Greatest Motivator

Some days are hard...and sometimes one bad day can result in your whole week somehow becoming difficult!
That was this week for me!
If you know me well, I am an extremely happy and content person...unless something quite dramatic happens....
Not one specific thing happened this week that made it bad, but I felt so melancholy... Even to the point that I couldn't motivate myself to get out of bed this morning to go to my Ballet class. As I rolled over in my bed I looked at my night stand and saw a book my mom bought for me a few years ago when I was going through some hard times... My mom always knows what to do to make me feel better! I wouldn't get out of bed until she said the two words "gateway", and "anthropologie"... We spent the whole day inside Anthro, and this book was one of the things we got... Its called "How Now" and the book has simple things to do each day that will motivate you, and help you to love and enjoy every minute of life!
There is one thing my mom and I have in common, a problem with buying books...and my mom is ALWAYS buying me uplifting, friendship, mother-daughter quote books! and thats just the beginning of why I love her...

My mom generally shows concern towards me when I get down by saying, "Hailey do I need to put you on xanax? and just by her saying that makes me snap out of it! My mother can quite often be blunt, and sometimes people cant handle it, some love it...which results in her nickname "Nutty Nettie"!!!
For me? I don't think my life would have EVER been as rich without her.
My Mom is the only person I can talk to about anything for hours, and she wont get annoyed or even try to change the subject to problems in her life...She just lets me talk for hours, and somehow comes up with advice I never could have. My Mom understands me, and loves me unconditionally. Sometimes I feel so lucky!
Almost every Saturday I wake up, lay in bed and read! I am someone who HATES wasting days getting nothing done, but sometimes I get lost in a story and don't even realize what time it is. Somehow my Mom always ends up calling me from the other room, and makes me kick start the rest of the day watching a movie with her. I am 19, in college, and I live with my parents... Some would dread that fact, but I truly love it! I grew up with my Mom working and going to school full time, and an amazing Dad who worked, and had to take care of his ill mother for 8 years in Salt Lake three night a week. I never really got to spend a lot of time with my parents, I was always with my best friend Tawni, or at rehearsal for a show! So, I never really got to appreciate and know my parents. But, now I look back on my life and realize the amazing gift God gave me to have such an amazing family.
My mom spent hours when I was a little girl making sets and costumes so that I could take dance classes, and every time I have wanted to do something she has supported me...even if she hated the idea of me doing a pageant, she would spend sleepless nights sewing me beautiful gowns! When I opened my letter for acceptance into MDT, my mom was by my side screaming and jumping up and down with me, when I had my first heart break she was the one I cried to! Almost every moment in my life that has made me who I am today, has her in it! Sometimes my mom passes me notes in Sacrament meeting that says something like, "I am grateful for your example and to have you as a daughter!" But what my mom doesn't realize, and what I don't tell her enough, is that I feel the same way about her!